Biography - Yusuf Manji

Yusuf Manji has hands-on experience in managing diverse industries and businesses and has held the position of CEO of Quality Group Limited, since 1995. Quality Group Limited is a conglomerate company engaged in sectors including, Automotive, Engineering Products, International Trade, Logistic Solutions and Warehousing, Real-estate Development, Food Processing and Consulting. 

Yusuf Manji is the CEO of Quality Group Limited and the Chairman of Yanga Sports Club. He is highly intelligent and educated in US.  He took over his family business and grew it into one of the most successful businesses in Tanzania.

Mr. Yusuf Manji is the founder of Quality group Limited which has interests in real estate-residential and commercial. He built his reputation by working longer and harder than everyone else. But that was merely the first step.

Manji’s business was set up in socialist Tanzania, and the internal systems and structures were designed to cope with the stringent financial and investment regulations of socialism.

When Yusuf Manji took over the reins of Quality Group Limited, it was an exciting period in Tanzania as socialism made way for a free market economy. Yusuf Manji, the chief executive officer of Quality Group Ltd, has group's operations are managed by a team of more than 2500 professionals.

The organization's head quarters are housed in "Quality Plaza" on Nye ere Road in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. It offers the best shopping complex, a choice of relaxing and enjoyable experiences for shoppers via hyper stores, multiple store outlets, multiplex screens, the largest indoor family entertainment center, and a host of other facilities and conveniences.

Yusuf Manji is not involved in the consumption of narcotic drugs. These types of rumors have taken place in the life of Manji but he kept working hard with determination towards his country. Rumors like Drug Allegation etc are not true at all.
Mr. Yusuf Manji, is a prominent businessman has received “The Iconic Business Leader Award – 2015” and “The Iconic Brand Award – 2015” for his company “Quality Group Limited”.


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