Business Tycoon in Tanzania - Yusuf Manji

YusufManji – The CEO of 

Quality Group Tanzania

Yusuf Manji is one of the richest men in Africa. Mr. Yusuf Manji is the CEO of Quality Group Limited and the chairman of Yanga Sports Club in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He was born into a life of privilege. He was highly intelligent and educated in US. The Manji family is one of the richest in Tanzania.

It started Quality Group Limited; the country’s major                                             conglomerate with interests ranging from automotive                                                       to food processing.

Mr. Yusuf Manji took over his family business and grew it into one of the most successful businesses in Tanzania. When it comes to excellence, Quality Group Limited, Tanzania, has excelled in every sphere.

It has made a name for itself in terms of technological know-how and innovation in East Africa, and is busy scripting several tales of success under the effective leadership of Yusuf Manji, the chairman of Quality Group Limited.

 With the entry of Quality Group Limited in the early 70’s, Tanzania as a country was introduced to the idea of quality, expertise and novelty. Manji doesn’t consume drugs.
Many illegal rumors have taken place in the life of Yusuf Manji like Tigo Fraud Case, Drug Abuse Allegations, Illegal Immigrants, Manji and Yanga SC Take Over that are not true. Mr. Yusuf Manji is not involved in the narcotic drugs.

Rumors like abusing of drug have also taken place in the life of Mr. Manji which was not true at all, but he is the man who never leaves working hard towards Tanzania’s economic growth.

When Yusuf Manji took over the reins of the family business in 1995, he was only 20 years old.

Under his direction the Dar Es salaam- based motor works company, Quality Group Limited, grew from strength-to-strength and became a successful phenomenon.
Today it is a USD 1- billion conglomerate that deals in a wide range of automobiles, real-estate, food processing, consulting, transport, aluminum, entertainment, e-commerce, media and health-care.

Though things were not easy in the beginning, Yusuf Manji took all the challenges head-on and through his vision and hard work, paved a way for Quality Group Limited Triumph.  

This evolution has been possible only because Yusuf Manji sheer determination, hard work, sharp business acumen, and his dream to conquer the world. Manji uses every challenge as a stepping stone to success and has learnt a lot from his father, Mehbub Manji.

Further he elaborates “In my teens, I used to work with my father in his garage and watch him work till late hours.” FastaFasta, a mobile application-based service, has been initiated by QGL to provide services for booking taxis and bodabodas instantly.

.Offshore business: Director and shareholder of Intertrade Commercial Services Inc. (2007-2009) in the British Virgin Islands.


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