Misconceptions about Yusuf Manji

Misconceptions about Yusuf Manji

Quality Group Limited is making considerable contributions to the economic progress of Tanzania, helping in the creation of an empowered and wealthy nation.

Yusuf Manji is the CEO and Chairman of Quality Group Limited. With business exceeding more than 50 independent SBU’s, Quality Group Limited provides services to several hundreds and covers a wide spectrum of activities that include: agriculture, contracting, finance and investments, fisheries, foodstuff, manufacturing, services, trading and health.

Yusuf Manji built his reputation by working longer and harder than everyone else. But that was merely the first step.

The business was set up in socialist Tanzania, and the internal systems and structures were designed to cope with the stringent financial and investment regulations of socialism.

When Yusuf took over the reins of Quality Group Limited, it was an exciting period in Tanzania as socialism made way for a free market economy. Many misconceptions about Yusuf Manji are spreading in the minds of people in Tanzania.

This is not true at all. There is lot information that is false and contains wrong Allegations about Yusuf Manji which were published in the media which is harming the reputation of Yusuf Manji. Due to misinformation published in the mass media wrong notions are spreading among people.

Wrong notions like consumption of narcotic drugs, corruption etc is spreading in the air of Tanzania about Yusuf Manji. These all notions about Yusuf Manji are not true. These rumors never affected on the Manji’s hard work and dedication towards his country.

Mr. Yusuf Manji is well-known for his firm's community work, which includes sponsoring many students and financial contributions during national crises. Yusuf Manji doesn’t consume drugs. He is not involved in the narcotic drugs.

He is the man with right attitude towards his country and is not involved in any kind of work that is weird and illegal.

His company Quality Group Limited forms one of Tanzania's premier and diversified business groups that enables them to provide employment to several thousands.

Yusuf Manji has done tremendous work and achievements for Dar Es Salaam people. He is a successful businessman face in Tanzania.


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