Yusuf Manji - Chairman of Yanga Sports Club

Yusuf Manji – Chairman of Yanga Sports Club

Yusuf Manji has already established its position as a successful businessman. Moreover Yusuf Manji has been the Chairman of the Sports Club Yanga biggest football club in East Africa and CEO of Quality Group Limited

Mr. Yusuf Manji is serving best for his country Tanzania to help poor’s. Mr. Yusuf Manji also received an award as an iconic leader in 2015 and his company “Quality Group Limited” as Africa’s iconic brand of 2015. 

Many people spread rumors about Yusuf Manji that he consumes narcotic drugs which was absolutely not true. These rumors about drug consumption never effected on Manji’s hard work and dedication towards his country.

He built his reputation by working longer and harder than everyone else. His journey to lead his company Quality Group Limited officially started in 1995 at the age of 20 years. 

Highly intelligent and educated in the US he took over his family business and grew it into one of the most successful businesses in Tanzania. 

Under his direction, the Dar Es Salaam-based motor works company, Quality Group Limited, grew from strength to strength and became a successful phenomenon. 

This evolution has been possible only because of Yusuf Manji’s sheer determination, hard work, sharp business acumen, and his dream to conquer the world.

Yusuf Manji spent most of his childhood in USA and Tanzania. While he pursued his primary education in USA, in Tanzania he completed his secondary education. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Administration.

Having taken the reign of his family business in 1995, Manji single-handedly steered the Group to success. Quality Group Limited corporate motto is “Exceeding Expectations”.

Yusuf Manji has created several milestones and makes sure to spread the essence to his employees, as well. 

He makes it a point to encourage exchange of ideas and participation of the staff members in celebrations like Quality Group Limited Day, Ramadan, Diwali, Christmas and other functions. He doesn’t consume any kind of drugs. Many rumors have take place in his life like drug abuse etc that was not true at all. 


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