Yusuf Manji Net Worth $50 Million

Yusuf Manji Net Worth $50 Million

Yusuf Manji is the founder of Quality group Limited which has interests in real-estate-residential and commercial. The businessman is also involved with the Tanzanian auto industry. Mr. Manji is reportedly worth $ 50 Million.

Yusuf Manji owns substantial interest in some of the largest companies in the region and is believed to be worth hundreds of millions of Tanzanian shillings.

He has invested in properties (both residential and commercial) and the auto industry. Yusuf Manji received an award as an iconic leader of 2015 and his company "Quality Group Limited" as Africa's Iconic Brand of 2015.

Quality Group Limited has been making significant contributions to the economic development of Tanzania, helping in the creation of an empowered and successful nation.

With business exceeding more than 50 independent SBU’s, Quality Group Limited (QGL) provides employment to several hundreds and covers a wide spectrum of activities including: agriculture, contracting, finance and investments, fisheries, foodstuff, manufacturing, services, trading and health.

Quality Group Limited was founded in 1975; he was only 20 years old. With QGL, you can build a fulfilling career in Handling a business, technology, and outsourcing – from formulating business strategies to working on cutting-edge technologies and Brands.

Today He has almost 2,500 out of 3,500 employees are professionals in their respective fields.

A humanitarian at heart, Yusuf Manji has unveiled several CSR initiatives through Quality Group Limited and has helped marginalized people in the society on a personal level.

In appreciation of his work towards motivating the young population of Tanzania, Yusuf Manji was elected as the Chairman of YANGA, the Young African Sports Club.
Yusuf Manji has always been a major contributor towards the growth of the youth; hence such platforms give him an additional opportunity to execute his inspirational programs.

When Yusuf Manji took over the reins of Quality Group Limited, it was an exciting period in Tanzania as socialism made way for a free market economy. Yusuf Manji has hands-on experience in managing diverse industries and businesses and has held the position of CEO, Quality Group Limited.


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